GAIA Chiropractic
offering gentle powerful natural healing
Dr. Patricia Chanterelle offers chiropractic and homepathic care, including:
    • gentle adjusting
    • pediatric chiropractic
    • homeopathy
    • CranioSacral TherapyTM
    • nutritional guidance
    • BioCranial TechniqueTM
    • Attunement
Chiropractic is the art, science and philosophy of removing nerve interference from the nervous system so the integrity of each human being can be fully expressed.

Chiropractors analyze and locate nerve interference in the spine by palpation, muscle testing (kinesiology), and orthopedic and neurological testing. With these findings, we then adjust the spine to remove nerve interference, thus promoting health.

Homeopathy is the art, science and philosophy of curing disease with the “like cures like” phenomenon. “Homeo” is Greek for similar and “pathy” means disease or suffering.

In homeopathy, disease is treated with a potentiated dilution of plant, animal or mineral substance. The particular substance used would create the same symptoms of the disease in a healthy person.

With homeopathy, the cure requires the deeper action of the body itself to counter the disease, so the healing comes from within. In the case of the sour stomach, the homeopathic remedy would stimulate the stomach to produce the balancing secretions. In allopathy, disease is treated from without, expecting the medicine to balance the activity of the body.

Homeopathy reestablishes the full expression of the individual’s vital force, thus curing pathology and increasing health. Homeopathy is used for both acute and chronic physical and psychological health issues.